Nadine Ijewere is a photographer out of London with an amazing talent for portraiture and fashion photography. She creates  beautiful environments for her work using from floral and cultural influences. I love it all.

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

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Terreiro de Jesus. Salvador, Bahia.

The view from my Grandma’s place in Governador Valadares.

On our way to Ibituruna.


Brett Walker:  Cuba  (1990s)

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Luis Marden, St. Lucia (1942)

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Brett Walker:  Cuba  (1990s)

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Beco do Batman - São Paulo (by Ana Carmen Foschini)


until the day of liberation

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If any of you are looking for work and have photo editing skills, hmu. There’s a position available for people with knowledge of

My coworker who I used to despise said something really nice to me today. It was also the second time I was compared to a revolutionary figure. Now I can say that I’ve been compared to both Che and Malcolm X.

I started off disliking him because he came across as the typical bro who enjoys telling jokes for their horror value. Since that first week I’ve gotten to know him and see his art, which for someone that came off as extremely dumb, is surprisingly good. A lot of it dealt with Latino identity, inner city life, drug addiction, and racism. We also recently talked about his last inventory where he was constantly called a spic by his boss. Now I realize he’s just a goofy and adaptable person. I’ve rarely met someone that could lift people’s spirits up so easily and cleverly. He’s just the type of person who is good at that and enjoys doing it.

But today we were discussing the fact that I’m leaving and I mentioned that I wasn’t sure if I would try to get a job there again. Without asking, he told me that he appreciated working with me, and that he felt like he matured just from the month or so that we worked together. Although he is older, he said that my patience, intellligence, and passion made an impression on him, and then compared me to Malcolm X.

I was surprised only because I’ve never spoken with him for more than a few minutes. I didn’t care for his personality, it was too hedonistic in my opinion, but to hear that I did that without any conscious effort felt good. I’m curious if that had anything to do with the improvement of his jokes as well.


Poster encouraging Seattle shipyard workers to seize control of the ships and port during the 1919 Seattle General Strike.


 ”SHIPYARD WORKERS — You left the shipyards to enforce your demands for higher wages. Without you your employers would be helpless. Without you they cannot make one cent of profit - their whole system of robbery has collapsed.

 The shipyards are idle; the toilers have withdrawn even tho the owners of the yards are still there. Are your matters building ships? No. Without your labor power it would take all the shipyard employers of Seattle and Tacoma working eight hours a day the next thousand years to turn out one ship. Of what use are they in the shipyards?

It is you and you alone who build; you create all the wealth of society today; you make possible the $75,000 sable coats for millionaire’s wives. It is you alone who can build the ships.

They can’t build the ships. You can. Why don’t you?

There are the shipyards: more ships are urgently needed: you alone can build them. If the masters continue their dog-in-the-manger attitude, not able to build the ships themselves and not allowing the workers to, there is only one thing left for you to do.

Take over the management of the shipyards yourselves; make the shipyards your own: make the jobs your own; decide the working conditions yourselves; decide your wages yourselves. 

In Russia the masters refused to give their slaves a living wage too. The Russian workers put aside the bosses and their tool, the Russian government, and took over industry in their own interests.

There is only one way out: a nation-wide general strike with its object the overthrow of the present rotten system which produces thousands of millionaires and millions of paupers each year.

The Russians have shown you the way out. What are you going to do about it? You are doomed to wage slavery until you die unless you wake up, realize that you and the boss have not one thing in common, that the employing class must be overthrown, and that you, the workers must take over the control of your jobs, and thru them, the control over your lives instead of offering yourselves up to the masters as a sacrifice six days a week, so that they may coin profits out of your sweat and toil.”

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Hey yall. I’ll be in Brazil until Sep 22. If you’re in Brazil or know folks in Belo Horizonte or Sao Paulo let me know. If you know websites that I can use to find hostels in Brazil that would also help.

The Cheater’s Guide to Love ›

Haven’t read something this good since Dostoevsky. I’m (in actuality too) still on year 3.